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\n"); // Now, if the cookie length is greater than zero, // we know we have something to process: if(postAction != null){ // this reads the paypal cookie and // breaks it up into its' form fields. // The first part is the post URL: var POSTURL = postAction.substring(0).split('?'); document.write("
\n"); // This creates the hidden variables captured // from the original paypal.html order form: var hiddenFields = POSTURL[1]; hiddenFields = hiddenFields.substring(0).split('&'); for(i=0;i\n"); } document.write("\n"); document.write("\n\n"); // This actually submits the form to the // quikstore script to process the order: document.forms[0].submit(); } else{ // If we did not get a cookie set from the order form, // we just thank the user for purchasing from us: document.write("
\n"); document.write("

Thank You for your order!

\n"); document.write("
\n"); document.write("\n\n"); } } //-->