Thunderbirds were crying, lightening was flying, 
They remember when the white man took the buffalo away.
Eagles in the sky don't seem to fly as high,
Because they saw what happened to the Indian way.

Mountains & trees always seem to rescue me,
From confusion & madness of today's society.
Look into the sun, you will hear the distant drums,
To the beat & the rhythm of ancient history.
Fly high Great Spirit!
It doesn't die - Great Spirit,
Great Spirit in the sky!

Grab up all your feathers, let the nations start to gather,
Let the elders teach the children all the songs they used to sing.
We will learn the ways of the strong & the brave,
As we carry into the future all the things we learn today.

Fly high Great Spirit!
It doesn't die - Great Sprit,
Hold your lance - grab your bow,
Come with me