Started out we were made for one another
Found the love we needed for so long
Echoes of our distant past 
Had taught us what we needed to know
About the right things & the wrong

It happened once our trails became divided
And you turned off in search of your true self
Then one day our trails were reunited
And since that day we've walked hand in hand

Hello blue skies, moonlit night times
No more lonely nights lost to the dark
Goodbye gray skies, no more cold nights
Life is good now that we're heart to heart.

Every now & then there comes a time 
When we depend on one another 
To make it through the dark
Now we've seen the light
I think the time has come for us to rediscover
What it was in the first place
That brought us heart to heart.

Now it's clear to us, we know the reason,
Why we stand as shadows in the sun.
Trails we've walked throughout our many seasons
Make me realize our journey's just begun.

Now we have the light,
Dancing in our eyes.
Life is good, now that we're heart to heart.