I feel the runway again, touched down.
I don't know when I've been so tired
Or when I've ever wanted to see you so badly.
It was such a long way home,
Don't know how long that I've been gone,
Or if you've thought of me while I've been away.
Come see me today.

There's so much I want to tell you
Time is short, so I won't bore you with little things.
I'll get to the point & tell you I've missed you.
Give me a little while, I know I'll make you smile
And show you miles & miles away from you.
Won't change a thing. 
Come stay with me tonight,
Let the fire that glows so warmly 
Dance its way into your heart.
Come stay with me tonight,
Let no shadows fall across us, 
We'll make love while you stay with me tonight.

I know it's hard on you when I'm away,
We've been through nights that felt so cold.
But remember that love could be so much deeper,
If only you let the fever burn.