Waiting for the starlight to light the skies,
Waiting for the moonshine to light your eyes,
Waiting to see what the night will bring,
Remembering all the times we've had.

Looks like there could be an early rain.
There's thunder in the distance & lightening strikes again.
We're sitting here wondering who's to blame
Will you ever (tell me will you ever) pass this way again?
Remembering all the times we've had.

Look at what you're doing to me
I find it hard to believe that I'm just too blind to see.
Maybe it's a dream, about the times we've had?
I just can't believe that they were all that bad.

I think a lot about you now, it's hard for you I guess
With your careless ways, will you fall prey to loneliness?
You've asked me for one more chance, well it's hard to believe it could last
No more moonshine eyes, only star-less nights again.
Remembering all the times we've had.