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NDN is the music of Greg T. Walker and Richard Luciano. Involved in music since their early childhood, they learned many instruments that would shape their musical future.

Greg T. Walker
Greg Walkers Authentic shield    Bassist, Lead Vocals, Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist has been playing music all of his life. Playing in bands since he was ten years old, Greg had no doubt as to what he would be when he "grew up". Muskogee Creek from the Eastern Branch of the FL Creek Nation, he learned many instruments during his youth that would help shape his musical future. From 1st chair saxaphone to every instrument in Rock 'n' Roll, Greg T. formed his first band at age ten and never looked back.
   Earning Godl & Platinum records through nine albums and many world tours with the group "Blackfoot", he also recorded and earned Gold & Platinum with Lynyrd Skynyrd. In addition to recording many CD's with various artists, Greg T. has written commercials, receiving a nomination for an Obie Award.

There was a time during the early years when the band's gigs temporarily dried up. It was then that Greg T. joined his friends, Lynyrd Skynyrd & recorded many tracks that would, a few years later, become known as "Lynyrd Skynyrd's First & Last" album. Co-writing "Wino", his playing & vocals can be heard on that album, as well as "Street Survivors" & many other Lynyrd Skynyrd albums released through the years.

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Greg T.'s most recent projects include debut CDs with Donald Johns & Company, Dee Dee Nichols, Headband, & the Southern Rock Allstars. He has also written several commercials including one nominated for an Obie award.

Richard Luciano
Greg Walker teams up with Richard Luciano    Raised in the Northwest corner of Montana near the Canadian border, has spent years studying and playing to perfect is trademark style. Playing guitar since the age of sixteen, Richard graduated from Guitar Institute of Technology in 1987. Playing in many bands in L.A. and around the Northwest over the years, he has honed a distinctive style all his own.
   Writing songs is a "natural" for Richard. A walking historian on the history of Native peoples around the area he lives, the influence is evident in the songs he has written through the years. Along with being a co-writer on many of the songs on the CD, he also co-produced NDN's "Warriors Pride" with Greg T.

Gary J. Palen
   Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist lists guitars as his instruments of choice. Growing up on the Mississippi River in the small village of Brownsville, MN, he has been playing professionally since the age of ten.
   By age fifteen, Gary had been in bands singing and playing bass, keyboards or guitar, often being required to play two or more instruments in the same band. He went on to hold 1st chair spot for "The Tribe", the top UWL jazz band at the University of Wisconsin.
   Since college, Gary has toured consistently with various bands throughout the United States and Europe. Another founding member of "Pipestone", he also performed at the Winter Olympics in Norway and is now fully immersed and enjoying his new passion, NDN.

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