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Award Winner
Arigon Starr (kickapoo/creek)
Best Independent Recording

Rodney A. Grant (Omaha)
Actor: Dances With Wolves,
Geronimo, War Party

Wes Studi (Cherokee)
Actor: Geronimo,
Last of the Mohicans,
Broken Chain,
Dances With Wolves,
Crazy Horse

Award Winner
Jim Boyd & The Rez Band (Colville)
Best Compilation Recording
Sound Track for "Smoke Signals"

Award Winner (Pima/Maricopa/Dakota)
Robert Tree Cody
(Son of Iron Eyes Cody)
Best new Age Album

Richard Luciano, Gary Palen, Greg T Walker on stage in Salt Lake City summer 2000.


Greg & Gary

Richard, Robert Tree Cody, Greg T.

Richard,Rodney Grant,Greg T.

Richard & Greg

NDN on stage Salt Lake

Richard & Greg

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