Thunderous Nations Production Services
"The Trackshack"

One of the more common threads shared by musicians since the development of recorded music is where does an artist go and how can they afford to "make a record"? Born out of a desire to provide a vehicle to help accomplish this, the Trackshack is a direct result of one man's quest to give artists one such place that can be adjusted to fit within their budget.

Located just outside Nashville, Tn., the Trackshack offers a variety of packages that include recording, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering right up to complete production that offers publishing, graphic design and layout, duplication for cassette and CD to shrink-wrapped out the door, ready for distribution and sales.

Whether you are looking to make demos of a few songs or record a complete CD, the Trackshack is a one stop facility that can be formatted to your individual needs. For questions about pricing, scheduling and availability, click here to send an e-mail.

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